Welcome To The DOJO

Blackbelt Leaders in Worthing operates from it's own full-time professional martial arts facility and has done so for the past 25 years. It's not a gym or a part time occasion, in fact, I'm sure you'll agree that there are quite enough of those in Worthing as it is. But there's Only One DOJO!

In Japanese ‘DO’ means “the way” or ‘the path’ towards something and ‘JO’ means enlightenment.

The DOJO then, is not a place to go beat someone else, defeat someone else, or even compare yourself to anyone else. Instead, it's the perfect environment... the place where you go to become enlightened about you.

It’s your learning place, your learning experience, where you learn about you and how to challenge yourself to improve and become better... as a Marial Artist, and as a person.

It's the place you come, to ultimately... 'Bring Out Your Warrior Within!'

After all, that's what Martial Arts is all about... and that's what Blackbelt Leaders is All About!

Martial Arts and Kickboxing in Worthing

Martial Arts For

Self-defense is The Very Least Your Child Will Get From These Fun, Fulfilling Martial Arts Programmes!

Parents are always shocked to see how their kids’ grades improve, how much more focused and attentive they become. Watch your child develop bulletproof confidence and their self esteem grow as they emerge from this programme, changed for the better.

Martial Arts For

Watch your confidence levels skyrocket as you start kicking and punching your way to a new you!

Our adult martial arts mastery training programme teaches you effective techniques and exercises - in a safe, fun, supportive environment. Learn self-defence, develop new skills, have a great time, and improve your physical fitness - FAST!

Martial Arts For

The Place in Worthing Where You And Your Family Can Learn, Grow, Train And Have Fun Together! 

Ever found yourself getting so caught up with the distractions of life & spending less & less time with those you love? This is perfect for bringing you together, with a mutual interest, where you all spend quality time training together every single week.