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How Use The Calendar To Book, Cancel Or Get On The Waitlist For A Class

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1. How To Book A Class

STEP 1: On this page you will see the User Login / Registration button. Click this button. See image below.


STEP 2: You will then be directed to the page below. If this is the first time you have used the calendar and you are not logged in you will need to Register To Set Up Your Account. To do this.. Click the blue 'Not Registered? Click Here' button and complete your details on the following page.


STEP 3: You will then be directed back to the time table. Here you can navigate to the days and classes you wish to book (on each class you can also click on the description button to see if the class is for kids, adults or both)

Once you have found the class you wish to book Click The 'CHOOSE' Button

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.07.32

You will be directed to the following page...


STEP 4: Here you can...

  1. Add yourself to a class
  2. Add multiple people for the class if you train as a family
  3. And remove people if you add too many.

If you are a family of 2 training please book 2 spaces, a family of 3, 3 spaces and so on. 

Just Click The 'Add Person' Button to add you or your family to a class.

Once you have booked the correct amount of spots Click The 'CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE' Button.



You will then be directed to the following page...


STEP 5: Here you you can book additional classes similar to the one you have already chosen, once you have competed this Click The 'CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE' Button.



  1. You will then be taken to a page that will show you the lessons you have booked.

  3. Check you have made the correct choices

  5. Then once again, click the button that says 'CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE'

  7. This will secure your classes and you will then receive confirmation by email of the classes you have booked.

NOTE: If you wish to book in different types of classes for example Blackbelt Leaders classes and FitBody Formula classes or Adult and Child classes you will need to Click The 'Back To Calendar' Button and go through the booking in process for the other type of class.



2. How To Cancel A Class

Under the 'Welcome [your name]' menu, circled in red below, you can... view your account, log out, view your booked classes and cancel your classes if you are unable to attend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of booking your classes you agree to the follwing... If you are unable to make your class please be sure you cancel your class via the booking system giving as much notice as possible so someone else can attend in your place. Please be mindful that you can only cancel a class up to an hour before it's start time.

As we can only have 15 students on the mat at any one time We Have A 'TWO TIMES RULE' - If someone does not show for a class and fails to cancel within the specified time a polite email will be sent reminding them of the importance of cancelling their class in agreed manner so other people can attend.

However, if a student or parent fails to follow this procees this TWICE (x2) they will be removed from the booking in system. Master Lowndes will then contact them to discuss the conditions of their access being reinstated.


Click The 'My Appointments' Button and you will be taken to the page below...


STEP 2: Click The 'DELETE' Button on the classes you wish to remove.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unable to make your class please make sure you do cancel giving as much notice as possible so someone else can attend in your place.


3. How To Get On The WaitList

On the main time table, if the class you wish to attend is full you will see a Green 'WAIT LIST' button instead of the 'Choose' button.

If you wish to be alerted by email if any spaces become available on a full class Click The 'WAIT LIST' Button and add your details.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.39.28


Click Here For Instructions How To Use This Calendar

DISCLAIMER: By booking my classes I confirm that I or anyone I live with have no symptoms of COVID 19. If I am unable to attend a class I will cancel the class no latter than one hour before it's start time.



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