The 6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Martial Arts Academy!

In this article I’m going to spill the beans and share The 6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Martial Arts Academy… I’m sure there are going to be a few “martial arts instructors” who are going to be spitting through their teeth as I shine a light and expose these 6 unknown truths – Don’t think I’m going to make too many friends with this one!


In any industry, there will always be good and bad. Trouble is, as consumers it can be a little difficult at times to sift through the oysters to find the pearls, especially if your not really 100% sure what a pearl looks like! So my focus here is to help you identify the good martial arts instructors and schools in your local area so you can have the confidence that you are now in a position to make an informed and educated decision on what’s best for you and your family.


So here’s my list of ‘The 6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Martial Arts Academy’:


1. Is There A High Degree of Emphasis Placed on You or Your Child  Competing?

If there is you may be in the wrong place. And if it’s mandatory to compete – Run Out. You see the Martial Arts should be about creating a win-win relationship and developing your or your child’s character. There’s a big difference between healthy competition to improve your own efforts and the kind of competition where you focus on beating someone else.

Now I’m by no means ‘anti-competition’; in fact, I myself am a well seasoned international competitor. However, if you walk into a martial arts facility whose focus is just about developing physical champions who win tournaments, run for the hills, because they’re only focused on the physical accomplishment and not the expansion of emotional or intellectual improvement and maturity for all ages. My recommendation… Try somewhere else.

2. Martial Artists Should Hold Themselves To A Higher Standard And Level of Respect.

So here is your test for them. Ask them about other martial arts schools in your area. If the instructor of the school begins to speak badly of other schools in your area then you know that you are already in the wrong place for you and your child. There will always be good and bad in very industry, the good ones know who they are and they do not need to try and help their cause by tearing down the other school owners in the area. The bad ones well, enough said.

3. Next, How About The Instructors Themselves… Do They Walk Their Talk? 

How do they look? How active are they in the community? How were you greeted at the school? Did they show you a level of respect that you would be proud for your child to emulate? Is there any doubt as to whether or not the instructor represents a degree of success you would personally like to have? If it’s lesser than yours and what you want for your children, leave. If the Martial Arts instructor looks unfit, out of shape and doesn’t look as though he or she ‘has it together’ you’re in the wrong place. Because, after all they are a mirror of their personal habits and actions and if they are only a 5 how could they possible ever help, guide and coach you or your child become an 8?

However, if they do look as though they represent a higher degree of value for their lives in terms of what they are willing to do for themselves and others, well, you’ve obviously walked into the right Dojo.

4. The Floor, When I Use The Term Floor I’m Talking About The Class Experience. 

Here’s another telling sign of the degree of professionalism in the martial arts school – If the instructor can’t gain the compliance of a class simply and effortlessly then there’s a problem. Their job is to teach class. Their job is to gain the attention of each and every child or adult in the academy. And by doing so they will lead by example.

IMPORTANT WARNING FOR PARENTS: Good Schools and instructors will always allow you to watch your child in class. If however you are not permitted, it begs the question as to why not!

5. Do They Offer Some Kind of ‘Risk Free Trial’ or Better Still A ‘Guarantee’?

If you are in a good school that prides itself on its reputation and it’s student service they will happily give you either an opportunity for a risk free trial or a guarantee on the services and products.

6. Do They Charge You For Your Martial Arts On a ‘Per Session’ Basis?

If they do, you’re in the wrong school because this can only mean one of two things. Firstly, they aren’t intending on really being around that long or secondly this is just a part-time hobby for them. Remember we are talking about introducing a mentor into your or your child’s life that can potentially have a massive effect on your childs future.

Don’t leave it to the amateurs – look for those who are professional, who value their time and experience and have the confidence in themselves and what they do to charge a professional fee – after all we are talking about making an investment in your or your child’s future.


So there you have it… If you’re thinking about getting yourself or your family involved in the martial arts you now know the 6 most important things you should consider before you get started. I hope this helps and gives you a level of clarity on how to make the best choice for you and your family!