Not All Martial Arts Schools Are Created Equal…

The Difference Between One Martial Arts School And Another is NOT What They Teach. After All, They All Teach Martial Arts. The Real Difference is HOW They Teach It!

Whatever an instructor decides to teach is what they teach, I call that the content. And all martial arts content is similar.

Now we know there are many different systems of Martial Arts out there. However, it all boils down to one thing, how you teach what you teach and as I mentioned, that’s called the content. And I want you to realise that although martial arts schools may be equal as far as their knowledge and ability to appreciate what content they would like to deliver, they are unequal in their ability to actually teach the material, and that’s the context.

Unfortunately, most martial arts instructors worldwide are so enamoured with themselves and copy the latest craze or fad in the martial arts industry, which often has absolutely nothing to do with the real world.

For example, if you walk into a martial arts school and the instructor is sporting a fad haircut, has three or four earnings in their left ear like a professional football player, he’s not a leader – he’s a follower.

He’s trying to emulate someone.

If I walk into Blackbelt Leaders (My Martial Arts Dojo in Worthing) with a shaved eyebrow, within a a week, four or five children will have done the same.

Why? I am a leader. The children are going to copy my example. That’s why I make sure that my example is one that a parent is impressed by.


IMPORTANT POINT: The martial arts instructor’s job in not to be a students friend. Their job is to train, coach and mentor students in the Martial Arts, not entertain them with silly games and a casual atmosphere. The instructors responsibility is not to be personal with the student and their parents.

It’s the obligation of a professional instructor to provide an example to emulate. In order to do that they have to represent and project a level of accomplishment above and beyond what the average person has accomplished in their life. After all, isn’t that what you want for yourself and would prefer for your child?

So, to provide a good Martial Arts experience that anyone, a child or an adult can use to gain a higher degree of accomplishment, the first thing that you have to look for is how professional does the school/academy and the instructor look.


Look out for a future article….

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