The World Needs “Black Belt Leaders!”

When it Comes To The Martial Arts Many Appreciate And Acknowledge The Black Belt is A Worthy Accomplishment Signifying A Level of Excellence in The Martial Arts Developed Through Years of Training And Commitment.

…This is TRUE!


What’s Often Misunderstood Though… is the concept of what a True Black Belt is, what it represents, and what a Black Belt should stand for with regards to the principles or code they live by and treat others.

Firstly, it should be understood that you don’t ‘get’ a black belt, you don’t ‘have’ a black belt, you don’t even ‘earn’ a black belt. It’s not some kind of trophy or prize you win or have bestowed upon you. Personally I believe it’s more of a case that you ‘Become’ a Black Belt. It’s a level, a standard of personal excellence.

Just like being a champion… I don’t have a black belt. It’s not something I’ve got or earned. It’s something I became. It’s something I Am!

It’s for this reason that over 20 years ago we decided to name our Martial Arts Dojo ‘Blackbelt Leaders’. It was less about naming a place, a style, or a company. It was more about sending out a clear message about what the outcome of what we do is… and what you become as a result of committing to the process.

We mentor and coach you as a student through a process of Black Belt Training that not only conditions you to become a Black Belt Martial Artist, and encourages your own personal development, but also develops you to become a leader who benefits our community and our world …A Black Belt Leader!


And why do we choose this responsibility rather than opting for the easy route and just teaching basic martial arts, karate , Kung fu or kickboxing?

Because this world doesn’t need more people that can just fight, it needs more “Black Belt Leaders” …

1. Who use their influence at the right times for the right reasons;

2. Who take a little greater share of the blame and a little smaller share of the credit;

3. Who lead themselves successfully before attempting to lead others;

4. Who continue to search for the best answer, not the familiar one;

5. Who add value to the people and organisation they lead;

6. Who work for the benefit of others and not just for personal gain;

7. Who handle themselves with their heads and handle others with their hearts;

8. Who know the way, go the way, and show the way;

9. Who inspire and motivate rather than intimidate and manipulate;

10. Who realise that their dispositions are more important than their positions;

11. Who mold opinions instead of following option polls;

12. Who understand that an institution is the reflection of their character;

13. Who never place themselves above others except in carrying responsibilities;

14. Who will be as honest in small things as in great things;

15. Who discipline themselves so they will not be disciplined by others;

16. Who encounter setbacks and turn them into comebacks;

17. Who follow a moral compass that points in the right direction regardless of the trends;

This is What We Stand For… This is Who We Are!