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Martial Arts For Family In Worthing - Train Together, Enhance Real Family Values, And Help Your Family Forge A Winning Character, And A BulletProof Feeling of Inner Confidence And Family Unity

For Over 25 Years We've Been Helping Parents And Children Learn, Train And Grow Together in A Safe, Supportive And Empowering Environment Watch This Video Now To Learn More...  

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Blackbelt Leaders is the Worthing Martial Arts Dojo of choice

Who Else Wants... A Happy, Healthy, Goal Focused, Well Adjusted, Success Orientated, And Supportive Family!  "Hundreds of Local Parents Credit Our Programme With Developing All This, and Much More!"Master Lowndes 


Dear Parent, 

From The Moment You Walk in Our Doors You Will Feel The Inspiring Difference Our Positive Family Culture is Known For. 
We are a family-oriented Martial Arts Dojo who takes it's martial arts lessons and your family's success very seriously.
You'll soon discover that Blackbelt Leaders is the perfect place for your family to train, learn and grow together. It's a place where you can all share in a mutual interest and a clear focused goal.
Let's Face it... There aren't many programmes in Worthing that both parents and children can equally benefit from and participate in together...

And that's quite sad really especially considering the many parents we've spoken to over the years who tell us they have found themselves getting so caught up with the distractions and commitments of life, they seem to be spending less and less time with the people they love the most.


The've told us that they would love to find something that they could actively do with their family, rather than just sit on the side lines watching fro a distance.

As a parent, if you find yourself in a similar circumstance and share the very same feelings of frustration that so many other Worthing parents do - then I have good news for you...
For over 20 years Blackbelt Leaders has been giving Worthing families the perfect opportunity, family focused environment and reason to come together as a family, train alongside one another and of course, have fun.
We recognise the amazing effect that training together as a family unit can have – sharing a common interest and a chance to support each other’s success as a team.
You'll find our family programme is perfect for bringing you all together, where you can spend quality time training together every single week in a professional, clean and safe martial arts dojo that supports, encourages and upholds strong family values.
Martial arts is rewarding way to get fit, it brings a sense of purpose to your routine, and gives your whole family a reason to look forward to doing something together.
The great news is... None of you have to be in shape to start; our family programme is designed to help you get into shape. All you have to do is turn up, and we'll help you train based on your abilities.
Dear Parent, 
As family involvement is the heart our academy we have classes and programmes suitable for you at each stage of your, and your families life.
As a parent at Blackbelt Leaders you can train with your partner and or one of your older children in a more adult focused class or participate in our specialised family classes where siblings, parents and children train together in the same classes that fit in with school and social times in any weather.
You also have the choice of after school and weekend time slots; so you have the confidence that as your routine changes, you will still be able to make good on your families martial arts education with us.
This not only makes it easier for a busy family but also gives the opportunity for your family to get a rewarding workout, learn a worthwhile skill and enjoy some quality time with together and meet new friends.
However, if you're only looking for somewhere that is JUST going to teach you and your family to kick and punch... we're not the place for that! You see, anyone can do that!
BUT, not everyone can teach the martial arts whilst supporting your family's core values, challenging you to become your best, positioning you as the example your children want to follow and helping them forge a winning character, leadership life-skills and that bulletproof feeling of inner confidence and self worth. And that's what our specialised family martial arts programmes can do for you.
Want to find out more? Then may I suggest you come down to meet me and my team of full-time professional martial arts instructors and coaches to show you how we do it.
I'm Offering Your 'Entire Family' a Free 30-Days-VIP-Pass (worth £100.00) to my Private-Members Martial Arts Dojo here in Worthing.
Come down and see for yourself... and really get a feel for how we've helped transform the lives of countless students, and find out how we would be a good fit for you and your family too...
So go ahead and Claim Your Free VIP Pass, it's 100% Free, don't wait, do it right now, and we look forward to meeting you and your family real soon.

Challenge Yourself To Become Your Very Best While Leading Your Family Front The Front, Demonstrating What it Means To Stand For Something And Giving Them The Courage And Belief To Do The Same!

Claim Your Free Free Trial For Martial Arts and Kickboxing in Worthing
Claim Your Free Free Trial For Martial Arts and Kickboxing in Worthing

Get 30 Days of  Martial Arts Training. It's 100% FREE, Claim Your VIP Pass Right Now Today!

Go Ahead, Enter your First Name, Type in Your Primary Email Address And Then Click The Button That Says 'Claim Your Free VIP Pass!'

Claim Your Free Free Trial For Martial Arts and Kickboxing in Worthing

Trial  Our Martial Arts Programme For 30 Days. It's 100% FREE, Claim Your VIP Pass Worth £100.00 Today!

Claim Your Free Free Trial For Martial Arts and Kickboxing in Worthing

Trial  Our Martial Arts Programme For 30 Days. It's 100% FREE, Claim Your VIP Pass Worth £100.00 Today!