Professional, Passionate Coaches That Are Going To Help You Every Step of The Way!!

"Anyone Can Give You A Workout, Anyone Can Make You Tired, And Anyone Can Make You Sweat... But, Not Everyone Can Make You Better!"

You'll Soon Discover... When you've got the Right Team, the Right Environment, and the Right Coach... It All Becomes Easy!



#1: Right Environment!

Training For Warriors in Worthing is NOT a gym. In fact, I'm sure you'll agree that there are quite enough gyms in Worthing as it is.

But there's Only One TFW DOJO!

In Japanese ‘DO’ means “the way” or ‘the path’ towards something and ‘JO’ means enlightenment.

The DOJO then, is not a place to go beat someone else, defeat someone else, or even compare yourself to anyone else. Instead, it's the perfect environment... the place where you go to become enlightened about you.

It’s your learning place, your learning experience, where you learn about you and how to challenge yourself to improve and become better.

It's the place you come, to ultimately... 'Bring Out Your Warrior Within!'

And Ultimately, That's What TFW Worthing is All About!

 #2: Right Team!

TFW in Worthing is all about building an encouraging community that fosters a space for cooperation rather than competition.

At TFW you are part of worldwide movement and the Warriors here at TFW Worthing are your team.

And at TFW we call your team... La Familia. 

So understand this, you’re not alone on the road towards your goals.

Without fear of contradiction, we can openly say on behalf of all the other Warriors and Coaches here at TFW Worthing - we've got your back! 


#3: Right Coach!

At TFW we believe coaching is one of the most important jobs in the world which is why all of our team are positive, passionate and highly certified professional coaches.

We are not trainers. A trainer just beats you through exercise, but a coach identifies your goals, helps you break down barriers, and finds the next logical step, to get you where you most want to go!

At TFW we have a saying... "Trainers Train People, But Coaches CHANGE People!"

Anyone can give you a workout, anyone can make you tired, and anyone can make you sweat. But not everyone can make you better. Not everyone can coach you up and change your life!


The TFW 8 Week Warrior Challenge

The jump start you need to finally make fitness part of your life!